Apple Ipod A1236

Aug 21

apple ipod a1236
please help me my iPod doesent work!?

A1236 I have an iPod (or iPod nano) and I connect to the computer does not read and only seems to disconnect Apple logo, and try to restart the same thing! help! EDIT: I have the cable wall, does not work (I live in Honduras there are no Apple stores)

There could be a problem with the cable. Try using a wall charger to see if your iPod answered this question. If not, then chances are your iPod. Enjoy the Apple Store and see what we can do for you. If no response, then there is only one problem with the cable or computer. I hope I helped:)

open ipod nano

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  1. kaur says:

    i recently upgraded my itunes version and added some new videos to it ….i have been operating ma ipod since 2008 but now i am experiencing a problem i.e when i added new videos ..i found that ipod is displaying those videos in playlist but its not playing them when i press play a black screen appears and time doesn’t move forward .. then it comes back to the playlist without playing…please help me if anyone can.
    this is ipod nano 4gb of no. A1236

  2. Lemmuel Iraula says:

    pls. help me i cant open my ipod, its seems that I’m going to save a sort of musics but it its lock how can i possibly open it, coz this ipod is not mine this is own by my sis. but she is not here

  3. Lemmuel Iraula says:

    could you pls send your respond to my yahoomail pUrL_09@yahoo thanks

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